Will An Air Purifier Help With Dust

01/25/2016 11:55

Of course it will! It is important to know that both atmospheric and domestic dust can pose serious health threat in human lives especially to those who are exposed to them. However, before we go further, we need to understand the relationship between dust and air purifier. Dust is any airy product from the dead skin cells, dried feces, and desiccated materials combined together; which have great impact on air. Air puffier on the other hand, is a product that helps cleans air contaminants.

Many people believe that a good air purifier is 99.9% effective when it comes to getting rid of air particles, and it is highly beneficial to sufferers of allergens and asthma. Studies reveal that Americans spend an estimated $270 million on a yearly basis on air purifiers for their homes and offices, with patients suffering from allergy and asthma responsible for the buys.

However, there have been debates on the effectiveness of air purifiers and it has come to a conclusion that not all purifiers are effective in getting rid of air contaminants. In this article, we are going to look at some of the good air purifiers that are effective and how they can help in getting rid of dust.

Reasons Why Air Purifier Can Help With Dust
There are quite a number of genuine reasons that justify the effectiveness of a good air purifier in getting rid of dust. Below are a few:

  • Air purifiers contain oxidants that can destroy harmful chemicals and bacteria; on the other hand dust is made up of contaminants which include bacteria and harmful chemicals, therefore getting rid of dust with air purifier is as good as done.
  • It is widely believed that dust contain 99% of contaminants from different sources and bacteria; and the main function of a purifier is to help cleans contaminants and maintain a healthy atmosphere. You can see that there is strong correlation here, which means there is no way dust can’t be rid of, using an air purifier.
  • Purifiers are mostly manufactured to help sufferers from allergy and asthma, and it can help get rid of dust without any hassle because dust is a great contributor to severe asthmatic condition.


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Types Of Purifiers Good For Getting Rid Of Dust
It is important to know that not all purifiers can effectively help in getting rid of dust in homes or offices. Here are some that fit well for this purpose.

  • HEPA filters

This is manufactured to trap 99% of particles and can effectively retrieve any contaminant particle found in the air.

  • Ozone purifiers

Ozone purifiers are reactive oxidants that help destroy bacteria and harmful chemicals. Ozone helps fights pollutant in the air.

  • Carbon air purifiers

Carbon air purifiers are effective in capturing particles in the air such as odor, smokes, gas, among others. However, this type of purifier will not be very effective on allergens and micro-organisms.

  • Ionic air purifiers

Ionic air purifiers are manufactured to ionize the air, making particles to have some charges which can be positive or negative. This type of purifier is able to remove any particle in the air through the use of plates that attracts opposite charge to them.

  • Ultraviolet light air purifiers

Ultraviolet light air purifiers function as sterilizers that sterilize micro-organisms in the air. These micro-organisms can be anything germs, bacteria, viruses, etc. The ultraviolet light can help treat these harmful organisms and will make the atmosphere better, although it will not be effective against odors or smokes as the carbon air purifier does.