Do Air Purifiers Clean Carbon Monoxide?

It’s a common misconception among people that air purifiers are effective in removal of all types of particles from the air once turned on. One of the best air purifier in recent times is High Efficiency Gas Accumulator Filters (or HEPA filters, as they are popularly known) which remove 99.97% particles from the air of size 0.3 microns. Even these filters are incapable of removing toxic gases (like Carbon Monoxide, Radon etc) from the room.


Carbon monoxide is said to be the most hazardous gas as it is colorless and odorless and thus hard to detect. It is either produced due to partial burning of wood, propane, natural gas etc or due to equipments that are power-driven by internal combustion engine. So the most basic of your products like cars, power washers or lawn mowers could turn out to be your biggest enemy! It will shock you to know that roughly about 170 people are estimated to die in United States alone due to the production of CO and thousands have to be treated for CO poisoning.

Air purifiers are best recommended to remove out bacteria or some percentage of viruses. There are carbon filters available too which are expensive than others and are used to remove odors and gasses but even carbon filters can only remove 20% of radon and no CO at all. The best way to fight this is to install a CO alarm at every level in your house and remember to replace them every 5 years. Also, it is recommended not to buy the combo package of Smoke and CO alarm as this may not work at all times. You could also take care to ensure that one should by no means burn charcoal in their homes, leave a car running in adjoined garage or switch on portable generator in enclosed areas. Small steps of precautions taken by us can make great significant changes in the environment.


The HEPA filters might be the best in the market but they still fail when it comes to Carbon Monoxide. Inhaling of CO or Radon could be fatal and thus quickly a solution is needed to fight this mayhem!


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